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HDIS is the largest supplier of incontinence products in the nation. Offering a wide variety of products including Depend, Poise, and TENA, HDIS specializes in

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Adult Clothing. KINS Adult Clothing is made especially to fit over cloth briefs or diapers, facilitating your day-to-day activities in providing security and comfort.

Urine Dribbling: Never EVER Punish Your Pet for This ‘Accident’

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What sets Wearever apart from other companies is the ability of our incontinence underwear, incontinence panties &, Incontinence briefs to be washable.

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Consider this though; you must decide as the first step that you are now incontinent, and this is a dividing point in your life between what it was before you decided

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A community for those who suffer from bed wetting and/or day time wetting as well as for (AB’s) Adult Babies. (TB’s) Teen Babies and (DL’s) Diaper Lovers and

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Incontinence support, education and information. Adult Diaper Reviews and other incontinence product and treatment information can be found here on the oldest site on

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Plastic pants and cloth diapers for incontinent ren, and adults, Locking Pants, Plastic Pants, Adult Cloth Diapers, Adult Flannel Diapers, Adult Baby Pant

Now you can enjoy life again without worrying about incontinence! These regular looking panties are made of 50% Cotton/50% Polyester in Queen Plus sizes. Machine wash

We (Tamashii Co., LLC) are the manufacturer/owner of Tinkle Trousers. The diapers are made of a breathable, waterproof, nylon fabric, which when used in

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