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Apr 30, 2015 · A gay marriage rights advocate waves an equality flag outside the Supreme Court before the start of oral arguments on marriage equality on April 28. The

News and information for LGBT Democrats and allies about Democratic candidates, elected officials and events for the county and Florida.

Sep 02, 2015 · Democratic Party fundraiser and gay activist Terry Bean made sex- allegations with a 17-year-old man disappear on Tuesday thanks to a $200,000

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What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans? This nonpartisan comparison examines the differences between the policies and political positions of the

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ABOUT GAYPATRIOT. Blogcasting from the worldwide headquarters of the not-so-vast gay right wing conspiracy. Representing the millions of patriotic gays and lesbians

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Stonewall Democrats, also known in some states as LGBT Democrats, is the official caucus within the Democratic Party that advocates for issues that are relevant to

Vote for candidates in the largest online straw poll for Democrats, and discuss choices with fellow Democrats.

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Aug 28, 2013 · New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker has broken his silence about the gay rumors that have sporadically surfaced through his time in public life. He

Join Resistance Summer. Democrats are organizing to protect health care and expand opportunity. Find out how you can get involved this summer.

Republicans: Democrats: seek to restrict and limit social welfare spending: favor expansive social welfare programs: pro-life — supports government restrictions on

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